Wow. I posted this video 2 weeks ago. It damn near brings tears to my eyes looking at this post. My goal to walk again was going so strong 🚶. When leaving my girlfriends house last week a car cut me off and caused me to crash barely surviving a really bad car accident. My car was totaled. I’m now suffering everyday with a broken femur, migraines, back chest and neck pain and torn ligaments in my knee. The things that make me most happy in life and keep me going are @projectwalk with my amazing friends/specialists, working out with my trainer/brother @ramp_jack and playing competitive wheelchair basketball with all my teammates. Now just like that all of it was taken away from me. Doctor says I can’t be active for at least 3 months. It’s just so hard to swallow 😔. I know I’ll be back but months if not years of hardcore recovery and constant pain is something I really wasn’t expecting. Not to mention my bday is on Monday and was planing to go on an amazing family trip to LA that had to be canceled. I’m going to stay as positive as possible and remain to keep on pushing 💪. This will not beat me and I know God has a plan for me. I deeply appreciate all the support and love from my mom, girlfriend, family and friends. I refuse to give up. God bless and one love. 🙏

Just when you think things are going the way it’s supposed life changes in a flash. I’ve been working so hard this entire year to achieve my ultimate goal. Which is to one day walk again. The really bad car accident I was in this past Saturday left me with a broken left femur, torn ligaments in my knee and some serious back chest and neck pain. I can just give up and accept I’ll never walk again but I was never raised to be a quitter. The way I look at it; it’s a small step back to a major come back. I appreciate all the support from my family, girlfriend and friends. I am loved and looked up to so I refuse to let any of you down. I will walk again. Be safe on the road and much love to you all. #lifegoesonproject #nevergiveup #philippians413